Made for Twin spirit

Get on your Triumph and hit the road with us.

On two-wheels, the only limits are the ones we set.

At Made for Twin’s, we raise the pleasure of riding as a way of life. Dive into our universe, tinted with gas smells, shower of sparks and mud marks on our jeans.

08:30 am. near from Lyon. While the coffee is cooling down at the window, two Triumph Scramblers park in front of the workshop. Today, that’s Sébastien’s machine on which we’ll mount a short seat kit. A few metal grinder strokes later, the seat is set and the barbecue smells stop this mechanic session. Our group is preparing the route to the Mont du Lyonnais area to enjoy one of the first big ride of the year. Ignition on. First gear, second, third… One pinhead turn follows another, opening the view on a mind-blowing panorama, whose quietness is slightly disturbed by our British bicylinders’s sound.

We mark a pause near from the woods to share our feelings about this ride.

On the other side of the road is a forest single track that looks yummy. Despite the nearly 200 kilos of our machines, we hit this track through the pines heading to… Anyway !

The journey matters, not the destination ! The rocks hit the sump guards hard, the tires slip in the puddles and smiles are on every faces.

We pretend we’re Mert Lawwill by throwing ourselves into the ruts until our arms and Triumph have suffered enough. Back on the road, we’re riding to our secret spot to enjoy a perfect sunset to end this day.

And relish a bit longer this feeling of freedom our motorcycles give us day after day.

Photos by Julien Demaugé-Bost

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