The machines approved by Made for Twin

Our non-exhaustive selection of the most beautiful Triumph motorcycles customized with Made for Twin parts.

Manu’s Triumph 865 Scrambler

After a 2001 Bonneville that went through tens different looks over the years, Manu gifted himself with a Triumph Scrambler carb, still with a custom project in mind. A simple customization that mixes the spirit of US 60’s desert races and the chic of British motorcycles, with a surprising aesthetic simplicity.

The simple colors of the gas tank and the seat highlight the mechanical architecture of the beast and the huge high exhaust. Of course, you can find the one-seater short leather seat kit on the motorcycle, the switch lever cap and the sump guard by Made for Twin, in addition to some parts home-built or sourced at well-known parts builders: handlebars, speedometer, minimalistic mudguards…

Seeing the final result, we can’t wait to sit behind the handlebars and ride believing nothing could end this journey. This is the advantage of such a multi-purpose machine, nothing can stop the adventure you just began!

Julien’s carb Triumph Bonneville 865

This 2006 Triumph Bonneville was in perfect stock condition when Julien got it. Two weeks later, it was entirely disassembled for the purpose of building his perfect machine, fun and easy to handle, as good on winding roads as through the urban jungle. With his British Racing Green gas tank, his touches of chrome, it doesn’t hide the attraction of his owner for the classy motorcycles British spirit!

The two-seater short seat kit enables Julien share the road with his wife, as the black leather seat handcrafted by a local craftsmen is a perfect mix between minimalistic look and comfort. The look of the motorcycle had to remain simple, so he chose raw metal parts of satin black painted ones: mudguards, exhaust silencers, headlight, engine protection, side covers…

The off-road style tires make this Bonneville multi-purpose and let Julien enjoy rides off the beaten tracks as soon as he can.

Some builds from here and there

Our clients have taste and always take time to share the photos of their machines with us. Café racers, scramblers, trackers… Through the years we had the pleasure of seeing you entrusting our parts to complete your custom motorcycle project.

The photos we receive are an endless source of inspirations and a testimony of the pleasure each of you guys get by building a motorcycle that looks just like you! A motorcycle as close as the perfection for you as possible… Your turn to shoot the best photos of your machine and share it with us to see it featured on this page.

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